Oryx Help



Qatar Airways virtual uses a flight logging system called Oryx Acars and this utlity is used for logging your flights. It can also be used for searching and bidding on flights, checking your previous flights, chatting with fellow pilots, checking who else is is flying and also for some light entertainment during your cruise phase, if you so wish.

These help pages will outline how to use Oryx to file your Qatar Airways Virtual flights and also the additonal features it offers.

After downloading the installer for Oryx, you will need to ensure you have an active internet connection and then run the Installer file you downloaded.
It will then attempt to recieve some installer data from the site.

Once it recieves the data needed it will then ask you to provide a location for it to install to

Select a location and tick the License agreement checkbox and then press Install. You can click the User Agreement link to get details of your agreement on utlising the software.
Once the install is complete you will then get the option to run it or not.

To get started you first need to start the Oryx Acars client and the following splash screen will appear.

It will begin downloading some initial data and each time you start it, will initialise with the necessary settings. When complete you will be presented with the main Acars window

From this main screen you can access the links down the left hand side (as will be described in the following pages), you can minimise, close, access help and operate the Jetstream radio stream in the bottom task bar.

When you first see the Pilot Center section you can see a snapshot of your total hours, number of flights and an average landing rate. There are 2 button options here, 'View Pireps' and 'Refresh'. The Refresh option simply will refersh the data located on the servers. When you select the 'View Pireps' option you will see a window similar to this:-

The list will remain empty until you give it some criteria to filter your previous flights. This can be done by selecting any of the options available. So, Departure ICAO, Arrival ICAO, the date, aircraft or Pirep Status.

If you do not want to filter, you can just press the 'Search' button and a list of all your pireps will appear in the search window

You can then highlight any of them and 'View Details' (by pressing the 'View Details' button).

At any point you can use the 'Back' button to return to the previous screen.
The drop down filter options available  for searching Pireps are:-

The Flights page is where you Search and Bid for your flights as well as run the client when you are ready to fly. (The Acars link then becomes active) To see if you have any current Bids after entering this section, just press the 'Refresh' button and if you haven't any bids a small banded green message will appear telling you.

To make a bid, press the 'New' button.

A window will appear with various Searching options to pick a flight.
Similar to the Pireps window, you can search for available flights using:-
    -    Departure ICAO
    -    Arrival ICAO
    -    Aircraft
    -    Flight Duration

To just make a complete Search, just press the 'Search' button with no criteria selected.

If you prefer you can search by Aircraft:-

Or by flight duration:-

Or by using the Departure and Arrival ICAO's

When you find a flight you want to Bid on, highlight it (details are shown in the section below the serahc results), and then press the 'Bid' button.

A green banded message is shown, letting you know the bid has been added.

Presing the 'Back' button will then take you back to the main Flights window and you can then see a lit of flights you have made bids on.

Uisng the 3 buttons and the bottom right hand corner, you can Delete any highlighted Bids, returning the following message:-

Or you can Bid more using the 'New' button again and finally you can highlight the flight you want to fly and press the 'Fly' button.
Once you press the 'Fly' button, you will then see details of your chosen flight and you have options to:-
    -    Change the Aircraft (Reg)
    -    Select the network you are flying on or if you are flying offline
    -    Change the pasenger numbers and load (This can be generated automatically using the 'Generate Load' button)

When you are happy with your details and selections, press the 'Start' button.
The Client will then attempt to connect to your flight simulator. If for any reason it can't see a connection, the following will appear:-

If you see this, you must check your FS is running and you have installed the necessary FSUIPC/XPUIPC version.

Once you have select 'Fly', a window similar to the above will appear. In this window you can see details of your selected flight and you can also select the aircraft registration, whether you are flying Offline/Online, change your loading, change your flightplan and add comments for your flight.


Aircraft Selection

Online Selection

.To Generate a Load automatically, you can use the 'Generate Load' button

Once happy with your selections, presss the 'Start' button and you will see the following details

The system has now started logging your flight. If for any reason you want to cancel, you can press the 'Cancel' button, which takes you back to your flight selection page.

If, however, you are happy you can continue your flight and it will continue to be logged

You can change the cruise altitiude at any pooint by clicking the cog icon next to the cruise altitude and you can then enter the new one.
Once you have landed and shut your engines down and parked, the Finish button will become available.

Click Finish and the Option to 'File Pirep' appears, press this and you will recieve a pop up message


The Map section simply allows you to look at active flights both with Qatar Airways Virtual and other airlines using the Oryx Acars system.
It works similarly to Google Maps with the ability to drag the map and zoom in and out.

You can also click on any of the aircraft symbols and get details of that particular flight.
There is also the ability to Chat with all/any of these aircraft using the Chat facility.

The Chat section allows you to talk to all those pilots online with Oryx, just those pilots within Qatar Airways Virtual or have private conversations.
When you first select the chat option, you will start on the Global tab, which, when used, will broadcast any messages to all pilots using the Oryx system, regardless of VA.

Using the tab at the top of the Chat window, you can then broadcast to just those within Qatar Airways Virtual:-

And finally, you can have private conversations, using the 'Private Conversations' tab

To chat, just use the space at the bottom of the window and press enter/return to submit the message. Do remember you are representing Qatar Airways Virtual so please be mindful of this when passing messages.

The Settings section allows you to personalise the Oryx client to your liking.
There are 3 tabs with available changes. The first is the General Tab and the first thing you can change here is the following drop down, which allows you to choose which section the client starts up on. The options are Pilot Center, Flights, Map or Chat.

Other options available are:-
    -    Selecting Local or UTC Time
    -    Selecting 12 or 24 hour clock
    -    Selecting which Area the Map Shows on Selection
    -    Selecting units to be shown in Feet or Meters
    -    Selecting Speed to be shown in Knots or Miles Per Hour
    -    Selecting Weights to be shown in Pounds or Kilograms

There are further checkbox options for Logging in Automatically, Playing the readio stream on startup,Reutnring to the flights page after bidding and whether you want a confirmation when exiting the application.

The next Tab is the Chat tab

This tab allows you to adjust your Chat options.
Then finally there is the Sounds tab:-

This tab allows you to personalise all your sound options.

Finally, enjoy using Oryx and your career at Qatar Airways Virtual!